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Additions & Remodels

We can perform home remodeling with the right finesse, transforming it into the abode of your dreams!

Home Improvement

Providing best-in-class home improvement services to make your home safer, energy-efficient, and optimized for your comfort.


If you are a general contractor or specialty contractor, having a roofing partner you can trust to do the job right, on budget, and on time is critical to the success of a project.


Whether you’re applying the final touches on a recent remodeling project or patching up some wear and tear, our professionals can get the job done.

Flooring (Buffing Coat)

If you are finding that it is harder than ever to clean your wood floors because it still feels “sticky” after you have cleaned them with your cleaning product, then you are dealing with residue build up. Many wood floor cleaning products offer to shine and protect the floor, but they look good for a short time and then attract dirt.Call us today to remove this “glow”, to ask any questions, or to get a hardwood floor cleaning quote today!

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Hardwood Flooring (Installation & Maintenance)

Hardwood flooring installation best practices are varied yet particular. A professional installation crew will know exactly how to address every aspect of the project, including preliminary testing, and interior environment preparations. In some cases, depending on the condition and type of foundation and the type of floor being installed, some additional preparatory work may be required, e.g. moisture barrier application, concrete sealer, self leveling compound application, etc., to ensure that your particular wood floor performs perfectly in your home or commercial space give us a call today!


Our goal here in Brownstone Builders is to meet customer expectations through high-quality services. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping residential and commercial customers get the painting services they need to achieve desired results. We have served various types of clients by providing detailed interior and exterior painting solutions. With years of experience, we know what homeowners and business owners look for when they want a paint job done right.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for better help and services.

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